S. Scott Berger






Exceptional The Observer (Principal) Fifth Rule Entertainment
What’s Your Number                          Restaurant Patron                Contrafilm, Mark Mylod, Director,

All I Long For                                       Maitre d’                                Carter Thor Studios

I Met You Last Night in a Dream       Bar Patron                             Evan Puschak, Director      

The Waiting Room                              Hospice Patient                    Obscure Knowledge Productions

The Protégé                                          Audience Member               ImprovBoston Film Team


Television/New Media:
Viewpoint 360 Tim   Web Series

The Sea Change                                   Phil (Lead)                             Cambridge Community Television Drama Club
The Ransom                                          John Franco                          Cambridge Communtiy Television Drama Club
Body of Proof                                       Mr. Harvey (Background)  ABC Crime Drama

Record Cellar                                        Store Patron                          Pilot       



Fishnet-Networks.net                          Edward De Garmo                FishFace Entertainment LLC
Active Ingredients                               Founding Member               Improv Troupe

Are You Afraid of the Improv            Cast Member                        ImprovBoston Comedy Lab Show  


Expressway Toyota                            Customer (Background)    Creative Resources Group



Autotrader.com                                    Host                                       WheelsTV
FM Global                                             Valet                                        Corporate Video  



trutHReveals                                         Executive                               Heath Robbins Photography                               



Introduction to Acting                        CP Casting, Boston MA

Improv Levels 1-5                                ImprovBoston, Cambridge MA 

Special Skills:
Juggling, Skiing, Golf, Racquetball, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing, Basketball, Driving,  Broadcaster Voice


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